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Whether you're buying, refinancing, or selling your house, working with a trustworthy house appraiser is essential. The expert team at Westview Appraisal Services has years of experience assessing the condition and value of homes across the Toronto area. We're a team of consummate professionals who've built our success by providing honest, efficient, and thorough appraisals.

Whether your house is a war-time bungalow or a modern mansion, our experienced appraisers offer detailed inspections to help you understand the condition and value of the house in question. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can provide efficient appraisal services that'll give you the updated information you can use to make the most informed home sale or purchasing decisions.

Our appraisers are detail-oriented, hard-working, and honest. Should we identify any significant issues, we'll flag them and bring them to your attention with a written evaluation of the home.

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Professional Property Appraisers

When you partner with Westview Appraisal Services for your next property appraisal, you'll receive professional and friendly service. We know that good business is about more than just delivering quality results. It's also about treating clients respectfully and completing inspection work thoroughly and efficiently.

When you work with us, you'll receive professional services every time. From the first phone call until you receive our final report, you'll be treated fairly, and your appraisal will be prioritized. Our team takes an objective and unbiased approach to every assessment and works hard to determine your property's value quickly.

When you hire our home appraisers, we typically assess the following:

  • Exterior condition of your property
  • Interior condition, including a room-by-room walkthrough
  • Detached garage
  • Amenities, like swimming pools and hot tubs
  • Safety or building code violations

While it can be challenging for you to predict what we'll find during the inspection, our appraisers are dedicated to being as transparent and communicative as possible. Once we finish our assessment, we'll provide you with a detailed explanation of our findings.

We've worked hard to build our excellent reputation and are proud to be among the most reliable property appraisal services. We're confident we can take care of all your appraisal needs. Connect with our representatives to learn more about what makes us the best choice for residential property appraisals in Toronto.

Honest House Appraisals

When you hire Westview Appraisal Services for your next house appraisal, you can rest easy knowing you'll receive an honest and unbiased property assessment. To do this, we're careful to ensure that each of our inspectors undergoes professional training and brings years of experience to every appraisal.

Since home appraisals can determine your eligibility for mortgages and refinancing and can impact your future, we take our work very seriously and hold ourselves to a high standard. We believe that good appraisal work starts and ends with honesty. To that end, we promise to conduct our inspections without bias and are rigorous but fair with every client.

Would you like to see examples of our previous work? Perhaps you'd benefit from a walk-through of each step of our domestic appraisal process. Our team will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Simply phone us to set up a risk-free consultation appointment.

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