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Residential Appraisal

At Westview Appraisal Services, we understand that the process of obtaining a residential appraisal can be stressful and time-consuming. That’s why we strive to make the process as easy and seamless as possible for our clients.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ability to deliver accurate and reliable appraisals. We’re committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service throughout their residential appraisal process to achieve their complete satisfaction.

If you need an appraisal for your residential property, we urge you to contact us at (905) 821-2062 and learn how we can help you.

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Experienced Appraisers for Your Residential Property

Our team of experienced and licensed appraisers is highly trained and knowledgeable about the local real estate market. They utilize a variety of methods to determine the value of a home accurately.

Some of the techniques they apply in evaluating a residential property accurately are reviewing comparable sales in the area, examining the condition your home is in, and taking into consideration all the unique features and amenities that the house may possess.

The cumulative result of our tried-and-true processes is an accurate and understandable valuation of your residential property.

Efficient Residential Appraisal Service

One of the benefits of working with Westview Appraisal Services is our dedication to fast turnaround times. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to real estate transactions, and we work efficiently to make sure that you receive your appraisal as quickly as possible.

Work with our efficient and streamlined team when you don’t want your real estate proceeding to be held up by a lengthy appraisal process.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Westview Appraisal Services is especially popular with our clientele because of our commitment to exceptional customer service. We realize that individuals are going through a stressful and trying time when they request appraisals on their residential property. Whether it’s needed for buying or selling a home or for estate financing, the transaction is an ordeal that can overwhelm most people.

Since obtaining a residential appraisal can be a complex and confusing process, our appraisers strive to be as accommodating as possible in their service to all our customers. No matter what situation you’re going through, we’re here to help in every way we can as we strive to offer you an accurate portrayal of your property’s value. We’re also eager to put your mind at ease by answering any questions you may have and providing guidance throughout the process.

Accurate and Unbiased Residential Appraisals

In addition to fast turnaround times, we also prioritize accuracy in our valuations. Our appraisers are meticulous in their work and take great care to ensure that their appraisals are as accurate as possible.

With years of experience in the industry, we know how the accuracy of a property appraisal can make or break a real estate transaction. That’s why we pledge to provide our clients with the most reliable and accurate assessments possible for their residential properties.

We Provide Any Type of Residential Appraisal

Aside from delivering traditional residential appraisals, Westview Appraisal Services is adept at offering an array of specialized appraisal services, including assessments for new construction, renovations, and refinancing.

No matter what your needs may be, we have the expertise to deliver fast and accurate reviews of your residential property. Contact us at (905) 821-2062 to reserve an appointment with our experienced team.

Westview Appraisal Services

A residential real estate appraisal report is an independent, unbiased, third party opinion that provides an official estimate on the market value of a residential property from an accredited professional.

Qualified Westview Appraisal Services appraisers will determine the fair market value of your property and offer sellers an accurate figure of what a home could sell for on the open market. We also protect buyers with details for regarding its actual market value. Our licensed appraisers offer estimates for a property’s tax-assessed value.

Accurate Home Appraisals

Expertise and the qualifications required for appraisals for:

  • Property financing
  • Residential property sales
  • Asset valuation
  • Taxation purposes including property tax assessments
  • Replacement cost appraisals for insurance purposes
  • Legal disputes (marital, divorce, partnerships, etc.)

Home Valuation

A formal appraisal is essential for calculating a realistic listing price. Many sellers who have consulted with Westview Appraisal Services before putting their homes on the market have benefitted when selling real estate.

Appraisal for Home Buyers

Many lenders require a residential property to be appraised before buyers make a formal offer in order to ensure that the amount of the requested mortgage loan is accurate to the home’s actual value. Independent appraisals also give buyers a chance to verify whether the list price is reasonable and may be included as a contingency clause in purchase agreements where the bank’s approval of the loan is conditional to a professional appraisal.

Appraisals for Home Refinancing

As is the case with an original mortgage loan, lenders may request an appraisal of your property when requesting a refinancing loan if the property has decreased in value over time to ensure that your home’s value is equivalent to the requested loan. In addition, the equity in your home may have also decreased depending on any changes in its market value which our licensed appraisers are qualified to assess.

Residential Appraisers for Tax Reassessment

Westview Appraisal Services provides residential home appraisals for the purpose of determining accurate property taxes. Since many states base property taxes on the market value of your home; if your home has decreased in value, you may be eligible for a decrease in property tax based on the findings of an accredited appraiser.

Types of Residential Appraisals:

  • Single family homes
  • Semi-detached homes
  • Mobile homes
  • Duplex
  • Triplex
  • Town houses
  • Cottages
  • Condominiums
  • High rise
  • Low rise
  • Co-operative units

Westview Appraisal Services understands how important an objective and detailed appraisal can be to facilitate your personal or business real estate transactions and completes reports in a timely and efficient manner. Call us for a confidential and free consultation.

Is an Appraisal the Same as a Home Inspection?

It is important to differentiate between a licensed appraisal and a home inspection. While a home inspection provides information on the structure and surrounding area of a residential property; an appraisal factors in additional pertinent information to arrive at a precise monetary value that is based on specific and qualified calculations made by a qualified and unbiased professional.