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Estate Appraisal

As you prepare an estate, probate or trust, there are a number of factors to consider. If the asset valuation entails home or property assessments, you need to be sure that your calculations accurately reflect your property value.

To facilitate the process of estate and private appraisal preparation. The property appraisal specialists at Westview Appraisal Services provide prompt, dependable appraisal services for estate and/or probate purposes. We draft a detailed, precise assessment of your home and property as of the date required, whether it is the current value or as of a previous date (retrospective appraisal), streamlining the process of the estate process. You can depend on our over 25 years of appraisal experience, expertise and attention to detail.

To schedule an appointment for our services, contact us today!

To schedule an appointment for our services, contact us today!

Timely, Accurate Trust Appraisal and Property Assessment Services

Preparing an estate or trust is a major undertaking, and one to not be taken lightly. The information must be transparent and of the utmost accuracy to correctly reflect asset value. As this value can change drastically over time, having information up to date is highly important.

At Westview Appraisal Services, we specialize in the highest quality of dependable asset and property valuation services. Our specialties add transparency and detailed information to each client during the trust preparation process. We expertly assess any and all of your assets, including home, property, and otherwise.

Our meticulous residential appraisal services are an ideal addition when dealing with trusts, estates, personal finance planning, or personal purposes. For estate valuation and probate, trust planning, and other matters, our timely and accurate services will enlighten and inform you.

Detailed Asset Valuation for Trust Preparation and Drafting

We believe that the estate and probate process should be as simple and efficient as possible. As a result, we customize our services to your needs. We arrive at the residential property at a date and time convenient for you.

Detailed information about the property is obtained. This includes the age and condition of all buildings on your property, detailed measurements and information, zoning and development matters, and others. We make our measurements with accuracy and precision, making every effort to reduce disruptions.

The result will be a professionally drafted report. Among other things, your report will include a highly precise and accurate measurement of your property’s monetary value.

With our specialists at your service, you can plan for the future in an informed and confident manner.

Dedicated, Experienced Property Appraisal Professionals

Our appraisers have been serving the community for years and have built a reputation for our unparalleled industry expertise. Our property appraisal services leave no details overlooked.

Regardless of your needs, we are the company to call.

Ease the Estate Planning Process with Trust Appraisal Services

When you are in the process of preparing trusts and planning your estate, turn to the professionals at Westview Appraisal Services for top-quality property assessments.

We have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to evaluate your assets and property, allowing you to plan with greater knowledge and insights.

Call today to learn more or to schedule an inspection consultation at your convenience.