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Tax/Capital Gains Appraisals

With over 18 years in business we have extensive experience with completing appraisal reports for Tax purposes including Capital Gains for your rental property or perhaps you are converting your residence into a rental property. Obtaining an appraisal now will be easier and more cost effective than obtaining a Retrospective appraisal years later when you sell your property.

We provide a fair and reasonable Valuation of your property and our rates are competitive. Booking an inspection appointment is simple and trust the process will run smoothly and expeditiously.

We are able to provide both current value Appraisals as well as Retrospective appraisals if a valuation as of a previous date is required.

Swift Turnarounds on Appraisals

We work hard to provide our appraisal services quickly and without missing a single detail. When you trust us to determine the value of your real estate, we promise to have everything completed by the time you need it. Our scheduling process is simple and straightforward.

Get in Touch with Our Tax Appraisal Experts Today

Westview Appraisal Services wants to help the with your Tax purposes property valuation go smoothly. If you need an accurate real estate appraisal, you can always feel confident about the information we provide. Our consistent track record of success should make us an easy choice for the job, so please contact us at (905) 821-2062 if you require additional information.

Real Estate Appraisal Professional Ethics

All Westview Appraisal Services appraisals are customized to meet your specific needs and written in accordance with the Uniform Standards of the Professional Appraisal Practice and to meet the requirements of all local, state and federal laws. Contact Westview Appraisal Services for a free consultation and to speak with a member of our team regarding vacant land appraisals.